September 9, 2010

Really Colby? Come on!

You know what? You're a 24 year old kid. You are in no position to be complaining about anything. I don't care if LaRussa isn't playing you enough. That's not up to you to decide. When you've finished out your playing career and learned enough about the game and the business and you earn a job as a manager, then you can make those types of decisions. But until then, if your manager wants to bench you, you sit there with your mouth shut and think about how you can improve your game so he has no choice but to play you, because you're the best at what you do.

Do you honestly think getting traded to another team is going to fix everything for you? NEWSFLASH: If you suck on another team you'll get benched there too. Quit being a self-absorbed megalomaniac. You're not playing in the Little League World Series anymore. You're no longer the big fish in the little pond. You're the little fish in the big ocean now.

What are you doing talking to the press about a trade? Is that reporter going to get you more playing time? Is that reporter going to negotiate a trade for you? Why don't you focus your efforts in a different direction, like improving you game?

It boils down to this...I have two things to say to you, Colby Rasmus.

1. Sit down.
2. Shut up.


  1. Reds will take him off their hands.

  2. Maybe Rasmus can go to the Reds and teach Cueto how to throw a punch, instead of kicking like a little girl. Then maybe Rolen can teach Rasmus how to be a professional on and off the field. Am I bitter about the Reds being in 1st place in the NL Central? You bet I am! Oh well, someone's gotta be in 2nd place. I just wish it wasn't my Redbirds. At the rate things are going, the Cardinals are going to miss out on the wild card too. It's really frustrating to see the team that everyone picked to walk away with the division struggling in September.'s not over yet. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they can pull off a late-season miracle.

  3. This is exactly why I wanted you two writing on this blog. Cards v. Reds. Great rivalry this year.

  4. I think Colby did the talking with his bat tonight.

  5. That's exactly what a young ball player should do. If I was a manager, I would put a gag order on all my ball players. If you want to play for me, you can't talk to the press (or tweet). Not sure how something like that would go over in real life, but in my world it would be law.


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