September 20, 2010

CCR #2 Awards In Baseball

Okay so, the American League is pretty much sorted out, The National League has teams fighting for divisional wins, wild cards and three players aiming for a triple crown, where a player tops Home Run’s, Runs Batted In & Batting Average.
So to the American League first of all.

Miguel Cabrera
I think there would have been four standouts however due to injury Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox, have left it to three players.
New York’s second baseman Robinson Cano has had a great season, 101 RBI’s, batting .328 & round tripping 28 times, and in the fantasy world if you have both power & percentage, you will be adored.
However I feel these next two are the best in the AL this year.

Miguel Cabrera of the Motown team, has played first base being involved in 129 Double plays, in the main 8 scoring categories Cabrera is in the top 4, (that’s in every one) 34 Dingers batting .329, what a season so far.

Josh Hamilton the power of Arlington, 2008’s AL silver slugger, currently injured, the Ranger has gone deep 31 times and get this has a batting average of .361, which has taken his career average to .312.

King Felix
AL CY Young
Last Years winner known to many as “the hard luck loser” hasn’t had as good a season like 2009, currently with a losing record, but by far the best player in Kansas City, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win the 2011 Cy Young. David Price has had a great year with the Rays, not good enough this year, but check back in 2011.

So, to this year’s best American League pitchers,
“King” Felix Hernandez, has a WHIP of 1.07, 222K’s & only 12 Wins, his ERA is 2.35 & has had a great year in Seattle, but is it AL Cy Young trophy winning?

The first player to Win 20 games this season is?
CC Sabathia former Indians & Brewers Pitcher has had a great year for the Bronx ball team, 183 strikeouts, 3.05 ERA, a WHIP of 1.18.
It’ll be interesting to see if CC or King Felix wins, Felix has the personal stats, Sabathia the team, it depends how valuable Wins are seen.

AL Rookie of the Year
Will be won by a Tiger, but which one, an outfielder, okay that doesn’t narrow it down, Mr Austin Jackson 23 year old from Texas, has an average of .300 and hasn’t gone yard that many times but he’s only committed 6 errors in 1,146 Innings, which for a rookie is great.

Then we have Mr Brennan Boesch, The 25 year old Californian, has already round tripped 14 times, for 63 RBI’s, as a fantasy player I noticed he comes through with men on base, which for a rookie is superb. His batting average is .265 but for a rookie with his 14 Home Runs, that average is only 5pts below Johnny Damons and he’s hit 6 more Dingers.

So onto the National League,

It’s hard to look past the race for the NL Triple Crown the last time it was won was in 1937 by Joe Medwick of the Cardinals, And in the AL in 1967 by Carl Yastrzemski.
So first of all,
St Louis’ #5 First Baseman Albert “Hey in your fantasy draft I’m #1 pick” Pujols, Who’s average has fallen, to a human looking .307, which looks as though it’ll stop him from winning the Triple crown, but he leads the NL in Long balls & Runs Batted In, where he has 39 Dingers with 107 Cardinals batted in.
Carl "Yaz" Yastrzemski
Which leaves Mr Joey Votto who has been in a team race with Pujols, the Reds against Redbirds we have a fan of both here on Jambalaya, so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on? Votto has gone yard 34 times for an average of .321 with 104 RBI’s.

Carlos "Car Go" Gonzalez

However the man who would be king, no not Prince Fielder, it’s the Rockies Left Fielder Carlos Gonzalez or “Car Go” as he’s called on a certain fantasy forum, has a batting average of .341, with 106 RBI’s he currently has 32 Home Runs, so will have to swing for the fences in this last fortnight which I’m sure he’ll be allowed to do by the Rockies, however, what if the Humidor wasn’t at Coors field?

Roy "Doc" Halladay

NL CY Young

2008, and 2009 Cy Young award winner appears to have come shy of a treble, he does lead the league in strikeouts, and has 14 Victories so far, however it’s when we look at his ERA that makes us realize he won’t win the 2010 NL Cy Young, it’s a massive 1.12 on top of last years ERA.

So who’s in line to win the award?
Ubaldo Jimenez, of the Coors field team, has more attractive looking numbers 19 wins, famously he had 15 wins at the All Star break, he’s close to amassing 200 K’s, and his ERA stands at 2.84.
Roy “Perfect Game” Halladay, that’s right I’ve give him another nick name, also has 19 victories but with better numbers a Whip of 1.07, ERA of 2.49 & 210 strikeouts.

NL Rookie of the Year,
Let’s discount the second coming who’s off having Tommy John, and look at the 3 who more than any appear to me to belong up here, here & now.
Starlin Castro, I must admit I haven’t seen a lot of Cubs action, and I’ve caught 2 radio broadcast’s which  were over shadowed by Mr Ron Santo, man that guy breaths Cubs baseball. You can hear it with every sigh. Castro is batting .307, with 29 doubles & 9 Swiped bags. Whats more he’s only 20, let’s hope he can get the Wrigley team motivated in 2011.

Much was said of Bobby Cox & Chipper Jones having their last year at Turner field and baseball, and that this kid from New Jersey who was the future of Braves baseball, and didn’t disappoint in his first major At Bat. Yes you’ve guessed it its Jason Heyward, 18 Homers, 9 stolen bags, batting .287, the 21 year old has the “tools of the trade”

Chipper the Clipper

Okay here’s Gerald Dempsey Posey,
Known as Buster Posey which makes him sound like a porn star, (or is that just me?)
The Giants first baseman / catcher is batting .321, for 14 dingers, 61 RBI’s, & 21 Doubles.
Just for fun here are my winners, written and nailed on the internets Monitor.

AL Miguel Cabrera (Detroit)
NL Carlos Gonzalez (Colorado)
CY Young
AL Felix Hernandez (Seattle)
NL Roy Halladay (Philadelphia)
AL Brennan Boesch (Detroit)
NL Buster Posey (San Francisco)

Stats as of 9/19/10 before any play.
Carl Yastrzemski image taken from

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