September 13, 2010

CCR 1 NFL Predictions from StealSecond Manning’s Mania

Okay, I’m not going to tell you the score of the super bowl, who’ll get injured, who’ll be suspended for controlled substances, I’ll just run through each division & give the names of the winners of said division.
However I did just place a small bet £5 on the Colts to win the super bowl, they’re favourites at 8/1 but hey they have Peyton right?

Eli / Peyton Manning

Okay so,
NFC East = NY Giants
NFC North = Green Bay Packers
NFC South = New Orleans Saints
NFC West = Seattle Seahawks
AFC East = New England Patriots
AFC North = Baltimore Ravens
AFC South = Indianapolis Colts
AFC West = San Diego Chargers

So who will win the 2011 Super Bowl?

The winning Quarterback will be a Manning, Both have already won the Lombardi trophy before. I’m going to say Peyton over Eli.
Colts over Giants

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