September 11, 2010

CCR Topic 1 - NFL Predections from G_Moses

Well, let me take a swing at this week's topic.  I'm still completely elated at having watched Everton take it to Manchester United in a contest of....real football.

But this topic refers to American Football, specifically the NFL.  It's a curious league.  In fact, the more I watch it the less I understand it.  But then again, I was always a lineman.  In the fourth or fifth grade I was officially the 'fat kid' and played center for every team I ever played on.  How fun for me.

But on that level, the game is easy to understand.  It was frighteningly simplistic.

1) Squat and let some other guy put his hands under your nuts.
2) Remember the count and snap the ball.
3) Sacrifice your body so that other fat kids on other team stay on their side of the field.
4) Repeat as necessary until you either punt or score (because high school teams never make field goals).

See?  Simple.  Strange, yes.  But simple.

I watch football now, and it's not so simple.  Rules change to protect the pretty players with the highest salaries.  Coaches challenge calls that take ten minutes to figure out.  And commercials are more prevalent than actual gameplay.  It confuses me that there isn't actually more 'sport' being played.

So how do I decipher this confusion to determine who will win the Super Bowl?  I honestly have no idea.  In a season that will be riddled with injuries, it's hard to predict who will be healthy enough to pull it off in the end.  Really, you'd think that with all the commercial breaks these guys get they'd stay pretty fresh during the season.  But what do I know?  I was a lineman.  They made us eat and lift weights.  We weren't the thinkers of the group.

So I'll wing it here.  I see the Super Bowl being the Jets taking on the Saints.  And I think the Saints go back to back.  But please don't hold me to this.  I will only ever mention this pick if it actually comes true.  Other than that, this pick never happened.


  1. I don't think the Jets have what it takes.

  2. I like the Saints prediction. As a Bills fan, I'm a sworn Jets hater. I think they have done a lot of great things there in the last few years with adding a good coach and talented players, but the jets would not have made the playoffs if it weren't for a few teams laying down last year. I think they jets at 9-7 or 10-6, but do not get out of the wildcard round.

  3. As a Dolphins fan, I'm a sworn Jets, Bills, and Patriots. Love Rex Ryan, though. And Chan Gailey too.


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