September 18, 2010

CCR #1 NFL Predictions Recap

Hi fellow Bloggers,

After going through all 7 posts regarding Super Bowl predictions, it would appear as though there are two clear teams who’ll make it there this year: the New Orleans Saints & the Indianapolis Colts.  Don’t get too excited, because they’re the bookmaker’s favourites. However, there are a hand full of other teams chosen by Sports Jambalaya bloggers which are fancied to get there as well.
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It wouldn’t be a surprise to see either NY teams (The Giants & Jets… Sorry Bills fans) make it this year; The Green Bay Packers have a real shot at the Lombardi trophy too. The New England Patriots are always a danger, because of their duo of Tom Brady & Randy Moss who are capable of match winning plays.  So don’t underestimate the Pats.

The Ravens of Baltimore will probably have a good season, and could end up in the Super Bowl which would be no fluke.  Then you have the teams from California: San Diego & San Francisco. The 49’ers seem to be the dark horses and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare this season. The Chargers are popular, but they seem to be consistently picked to come up one game short of the Super Bowl.

Last, but not least you have the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys.  The Falcons could come out of the shadows and take center stage.  While the Cowboys are one of the most talented teams and should not be underestimated.

So, who is going to win Super Bowl XLV?

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According to majority of the bloggers of Sports Jambalaya, it’s the Indianapolis Colts!

Here’s a breakdown of our selections:

Indianapolis Colts (4 votes):  Tony Mc, Martyn, 82redbirds & San Jose Fuji
New Orleans Saints (2 votes): The Ranter & G Moses
Baltimore Ravens (1 vote): Hoopography


  1. Wouldn't be shocked if either of those teams end up winning it all.

  2. Cut to a scene of the Rams saying, "Hey, what about us?"

  3. Cut to a scene of Arsenal saying, "What that hell is a Colt?"


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