September 13, 2010

CCR Topic - 1: NFL Super Bowl Predictions from Tony Mc

I really wish that I had posted the first prediction especially after reading through my fellow commentators posts. Those guys set the bar pretty high.

Unlike the previous few entries which have been educated guesses, taking into account a few different things such as past performances and who plays for which team. I'm going to go in with loyalty. Also I will be using some advice I was given from the only two football fans I work with. I suppose I could spend a few hours researching all the teams and players but if I'm totally honest with you all I haven't followed American Football properly for about ten years.

My knowledge of the sport will greatly improve over the season as I plan to properly reacquaint myself with it and so all future posts will be better...I hope.

Anyway onto my prediction and like I said this is going on loyalty. The San Francisco 49ers will be going to the Super Bowl. Why? I support them. Simple.

Yes, I'm aware that they lost to the Seahawks yesterday but that is only one game in the season and there are plenty more games for them to win.

Now onto their opponent. I was given advice on two teams that I have been assured 'will' win.

The first bit of advice was from a workmate who I think was using the same method of predicting and just picking the team he follows and that's the San Diego Chargers.

The second piece of advice was based on something more substantial than team loyalty and that's what the odds are at the bookmakers.

As Martyn previously said in the post before this one, the Colts are the favourites to win with odds of 8/1. My workmate gave me the same information and has placed a small bet on them winning. So if hes happy to risk his money on the odds given by the bookmakers before the season has began then I'll gladly take that as an indication that they may make it to the show.

So who do I think will be at the Super Bowl with the 49'ers?

The Chargers or the Colts?

I'm going with Indianapolis.

So my prediction is
49ers vs The Colts


  1. I love it... great prediction... if it comes true... we'll all be bowing down to you.

  2. I think the Niners will be pretty good this year. I think I have them at 13-3. But I don't think they'll get into the Super Bowl. What about the Saints or the Packers?

  3. I actually thought about the Saints and packers but I stand by my ill informed prediction.


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