September 19, 2010

CCR #2: MLB Awards from San Jose Fuji

Damn... the Padres lost again... and are out of first place by 1/2 game. At least the A's won... but the playoffs are out of the question for them.

Anyways... I guess today is a day of halves. Padres are a 1/2 game back. Half of my baseball teams won... half lost. In football it's the same story... half of my teams were victorious, the other embarassed. The Packers destroyed the Bills, but the Seahawks were demolished by the Broncos.

But whatever... you're not here to listen to me whine and complain. You're here to see my predictions for the MLB MVP, Cy Young, and ROY awards.

So without further adieu...

AL MVP - Miguel Cabrera: leads the MLB in RBI's with 118, hitting .329 (3rd highest batting average in AL), and has the 3rd most home runs in the AL (with 34).

NL MVP - Albert Pujols: leads the NL in RBI's (107) and HR's (39), is batting .307, has the 2nd highest OBP in the NL, and the 3rd highest slugging percentage. I'll be honest, Votto's stats are just as good... but if I had to have one 1b on my team, it'd be Pujols.

I know it's more than about who's the best hitter... it's about who's most valuable to their team. However, in my mind if you're the best hitter in the league, you're valuable to your team.

AL Cy Young - Felix Hernandez: leads the MLB in strikeouts with 222 k's and leads the AL with a 2.35 ERA. He may not be anywhere near the top in wins, but that's not completely his fault. The Mariners have scored the least amount of runs in baseball this season. Forty-seven less than the Pirates who many consider the worst team in baseball. In short... it's not Felix's fault that he doesn't have 20 wins like Sabathia (the Yankees have scored 320 more runs than the Mariners this season).

NL Cy Young - Roy Halladay: 1st in the NL with 19 wins, 2nd in the NL with 210 k's, and is 3rd in the NL with an ERA of 2.49. Nobody else in the NL is in the top 3 of all of these major pitching categories.

AL ROY - Daniel Hudson: I'm not sure if this guy qualifies... but there's slim pickings when it comes to AL rookies. I wanted to pick Austin Jackson, but the guy struck out 159 times... to go with his 169 hits. Anyways... Hudson has gone 7-2 this season for the Diamondbacks and has an astounding 2.49 ERA with 79 strikeouts. He's allowed only 6 earned runs in his last 6 starts, while striking out 38 batters.

NL ROY - Buster Posey: leads NL rookies with a .325 batting average, has 61 RBI's (4th among NL rookies), and has 14 home runs (6th among NL rookies)

When the awards are finally published in a few weeks or months... I'm going to guess that I predicted half of these guys correctly... and half of them incorrectly. ;-)

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