September 11, 2010

CCR Topic 1 - NFL Predictions from The Ranter

Football is very strange, indeed. It's a strange game, and the NFL is a strange league. This year will be even stranger than usual. The Jets are one of the best teams in the league... but if you go position by position... they don't any of the best skill position players in their division. Probably not even the second best. Does defense matter THAT much?

There will be many power shifts this season. The NFC East will be weaker than last year. The AFC East will be incredible. The NFC West is so shabby. The NFC North will be tough, as far as 2nd place goes.

The two best teams will not make it to the Super Bowl this year, as they were last year. The Colts will be there, but they won't be the best team in the AFC. Baltimore will. They are on the rise. If the NFL plays games next season, they will win the Super Bowl. But that's next year. This year's playoffs will be a replica of last year. Saints over Colts. But the Saints won't even win their division. The torch has been passed to Matt Ryan and the Falcons, to whom the best record in football will belong this season. This will be the last year of (relative) domination by the Saints, the Colts, and the Patriots.

This season is going to be so exciting. Especially since we're facing a lockout next season. Bring your cold beers... it's going to be a thrill ride.

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  1. Saint over Colts is a good prediction.

    and the beers are already cold.


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