November 18, 2010

CCR #8 Power Rankings by Martyn

Hi all,
firstly don't ask me for power rankings on college basketball, To be honest I'am not a fan of Basketball, however I do catch a lot of news while I'am checking the NHL & NFL news & scores & read a number of blogs by hoops fans.


1. Boston
2. LA Lakers
3. New Orleans
4. Utah
5. San Antonio

1. Philadelphia Flyers
2. Washington Capitals
3. Detroit Red Wings
4. Pittsburgh Penguins
5. San Jose Sharks

It looks like another great season of action, and a special mention to the St Louis Blues who are doing better than expected.

1. Colts
2. Patriots
3. Jets
4. Steelers
5. Falcons

Of course the Giants & Eagles will be looking to keep up their good starts and have great teams to compete as well as defending champions the NO Saints.

Hope y'all enjoyed reading.

November 15, 2010

Power Rankings from The Ranter

My NBA Power Rankings

#1: Los Angeles Lakers
#2: New Orleans Hornets
#3: Boston Celtics
#4: Utah Jazz
#5: Dallas Mavericks

The Lakers are the second most talented league. The Celtics are number one. I maintain that Rajon Rondo is the best PG, and the fifth best player in the league. I told you the Jazz would be a darkhorse. ;)

My NFL Power Rankings

#1: Philadelphia Eagles
#2: New England Patriots
#3: Atlanta Falcons
#4: Pittsburgh Steelers
#5: New York Jets

The Eagles dismantled the Redskins tonight, after a great win against the Colts. Vick really is the best quarterback in the league, and Kolb the best backup.

My NHL Power Rankings

#1: Washington Capitals
#2: Detroit Red Wings
#3: Los Angeles Kings
#4: Philadelphia Flyers
#5: Montreal Canadiens

I have no clue...

My BCS Power Rankings

#1: Oregon
#2: Auburn
#3: TCU
#4: Boise State
#5: Stanford

I really want Auburn to lose a game this year. I want this to be the non-conference mid-major year, but I'm afraid Cam Newton will prevail and win out. :( Too bad.

November 14, 2010

CCR #8: Power Rankings by Fuji

Great Topic... I love checking out the Power Rankings for all of the different sports. And now... I get to publish my own. Here goes nothing...

My NBA Power Rankings

#1: Los Angeles Lakers (8-1)
#2: New Orleans Hornets (8-0)
#3: Boston Celtics (8-2)
#4: San Antonio Spurs (8-1)
#5: Utah Jazz (7-3)

Okay... so the Lakers lost to the Nuggets... and the Hornets have the best record in the NBA. However, I still think the Lakers are the best team in the league. If they lose to the Suns tonight, then they drop down to #2. Actually... I'm pretty happy with these selections... the only question mark for me was the Jazz... but damn... they beat the Heat, the Magic, the Hawks, and the Bobcats... all on the road. That's pretty impressive.

My NFL Power Rankings

#1: Atlanta Falcons (7-2)
#2: New York Jets (7-2)
#3: Baltimore Ravens (6-3)
#4: Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2, but are losing to the Patriots 10-3 @ halftime)
#5: Green Bay Packers (6-3)

Okay... this week has been crazy... the Ravens lost... the Giants lost... the Jets barely beat the Browns... and the Bills finally win a game (against the Lions... lol).

So I'm not 100% sure I agree with my rankings... it's just how I feel at the moment. I do know that the Falcons should be #1... but after that it gets kind of crazy.

If the Steelers lose to the Patriots, then I take them out of the top 5... put the Packers @ #4... and move the Patriots into the #5 slot.

My NHL Power Rankings

#1: Washington Capitals (13-4-1)
#2: Los Angeles Kings (12-3)
#3: Detroit Redwings (11-3-1)
#4: Philadelphia Flyers (11-4-2)
#5: St. Louis Blues (9-3-3)

This race is tight... the top 4 teams are all 8-2 or better over the past 10 games... and St. Louis entered last week as the #1 team in a lot of people's power rankings... last night's loss to the Coyotes hurt them.

My BCS Power Rankings

#1: San Jose State University
#2: Stanford University
#3: University of California Berkeley
#4: University of Hawaii
#5: Santa Clara University

Okay... so, here's the deal. I don't follow college football. Is Stanford good this year? Yes. Does SJSU suck? Yes. That's about it. So, instead of cheating and looking up the actual BCS rankings and copying theres... I figured I'd rank my top 5 FAVORITE colleges.

This Saturday is going to be awesome... Cal plays Stanford in the Big Game... and SJSU plays UH... and well... Santa Clara... they don't do football.

So there you have it... my official power rankings.

Now show me yours.

CCR #8: Power Rankings!!!

Power Rankings are a sports nerd's dry hump. It not the real thing, but it's close enough. We can't determine champions yet, but at least we have "Who's Better?" So, panelists, rank your top 5 NBA, NFL, NHL, and BCS teams. Good luck, and as usual enjoy.

November 1, 2010

CCR #7: Greinke/Lee by sanjosefuji

First up... congratulations San Francisco Giants fans! With that out of the way... let's get down to the subject at hand.

1. If the Rangers lose the World Series (God forbid), what should and will Cliff Lee do? What if they win?

The Rangers lost... so Cliff Lee should sign with the A's or the Padres. However... since my teams never fork out any money... then I'll settle with him signing with anyone other than the Yankees.

2. If both the Yankees and the Rangers offered the same amount of money, which one should Cliff Lee choose? What if the Rangers win the World Series? What if they lose?

If Cliff Lee is offered the same amount of money... he should sign with the Rangers. Under no circumstances should he sign with the Yankees.

3. If both the Yankees and the Royals offered contacts to Zack Greinke, and the Yankees deal was slightly less than the Royals, which one should/would he take?

Zack Greinke should sign with the Royals. Under no circumstances should he sign with the Yankees.

4. If you were Royals management, do you try to trade Zack Greinke, or risk keeping him?

If I'm Royals management and I care about my fans... I keep him and try to get him some teammates that will help them get to the World Series. However... If I'm Royals management and I decide to trade him... under no circumstances do I trade him to the Yankees.

Once again... congratulations Giants fans... this was one roller coaster of a season for you... glad to see you come out on top (and not the Yankees... lol).