September 24, 2010

CCR 2: MLB Award Predictions from The Ranter

I'm going to split this into two sections: who will win, and who I would vote for.


My choice: Miguel Cabrera. Me = within a 50 mile radius of Rangers Ballpark. You = quick to call out a homer. You = right. Josh Hamilton = incredible player. Miguel Cabrera = just a little bit more incredibler (plus I won't be a homer for picking him).

Winner: I have no clue. Everyone on TV says Josh Hamilton will win, but Cabrera is having a better year. I don't know.

AL Cy Young

My choice: The goal of the pitcher is to win games. For C.C. that's easy... he's a Yankee. But some, that's not so simple. Felix Hernandez's stats are incredible. But...

Winner: ...not incredible enough for traditionalist voters. They're going to take C.C. Sabathia's wins over King Felix's deserving stats.


My choice: Austin Jackson's strikeout total doesn't make him deserving of the ROY award. And I disagree with Martyn about a Tiger winning this award. I pick Neftali Feliz

Winner: ...and I think the voters will too. 3-3 with 37 SVs. ERA under 3.


My choice: Joey Votto has led this Reds team to victory over who? Albert Pujols. Yeah... THAT Albert Pujols.

Winner: I think the voters will agree. Carlos Gonzalez is another great candidate. Joey Votto as well.

NL Cy Young

My choice: Roy Halladay. 2nd in leading candidates, ERA wise. Has 20 wins, tied for 1st. He's a huge force. He's scary.

Winner: Roy Halladay. This will be an incredibly close vote. Ubaldo is having a breakout year, Wainwright has a great WAR (or is it WAP...), but I believe Halladay will prevail.


My choice: Gaby Sanchez. He's so consistent, and has better numbers than Posey.

Winner: Posey. The dude helped a playoff team, Sanchez didn't. Voters like him more.

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