September 26, 2010

CCR#2: MLB Awards from Tony Mc

It's the most exciting time of the year for any baseball fan. Division champions are being crowned, the playoffs are almost upon us and of course we then have the World Series!

Who will get to the show? The Yankees? The Rays? How about the Giants or Padres? The World Series predictions are for a later date, this time around I'm going to predict my picks for the MLB awards.

Thankfully our dark overlord and blog founder, The Ranter has chosen a selection of players that we must pick.

We'll start with the better league first, the National League. Why is this league better than the AL I hear you all ask? Easy, that's were the Giants are and there is no stupid designated hitter rule.

Here are our choices

National League MVP

Carlos Gonzalez - Rockies
Albert Pujols - Cardinals
Joey Votto - Reds

National League Cy Young

Roy Halladay - Phillies
Ubaldo Jimenez - Rockies
Adam Wainwright - Cardinals

National League ROY

Starlin Castro - Cubs
Jamie Garcia - Cardinals
Jason Heyward - Braves
Buster Posey - Giants
Gaby Sanchez - Marlins

So who will get the NL MVP?

My pick is Albert Pujols. My reasons being is that yet again he has had an outstanding season! He's hitting a tasty .316 with 41 home runs and lets not forget his 113 RBI's. Is he better than the other two candidates? Well DUH! Its Pujols you moron, of course he's better then the other two! He does not have a better AVG then Votto or Gonzalez, who currently sits on .325 and .342 respectively but he has played more games then them. Sure only about ten games more but that still has an impact on his overall stats.

How about the Cy Young?

If you asked me this at the beginning of the season I would have slapped you for being so stupid. It was Lincecum! But Timmy has suffered this year thanks to a poor Giants offence and a miserable slump that took him a while to get out of.

If I had to choose from the above three, and I have to because thems the rules, I would pick the former Cy Young winner Roy Halladay!

What a season this guy is having! 20-10 with a 2.53 ERA and lets not forget his 213 Strike outs. In his past ten starts he has won eight times, EIGHT times! The only real competition this guy has is from Wainwright who has gone 20-11 with a lower ERA of 2.42. Interestingly both pitchers have the same amount of strike outs but Halladay has just performed better in my opinion.

NL ROY or should this be the 'Strasburg is hurt, quick lets find someone else' Award?

This was by far the easiest pick for me. Yes I'm a Giants fan but even if this kid was playing for the Dodgers I'd still choose him. Obviously I'm talking about Buster Posey. I don't think I need to spout stats at you because we are all aware of his exploits and I dont think the Giants would still be in the NL West race if it wasn't for this guy. Does anyone else see a lot of Will Clark in Posey? I sure do. I'll even state now that Posey will be MVP in 2011. That's right you heard it hear first.

OK, that the NL sorted, lets take a bash at the AL.

Here are the choices:

American League MVP
Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
Robinson Cano - Yankees
Carl Crawford - Rays
Josh Hamilton - Rangers
Justin Morneau - Twins

American League Cy Young
Feliz Hernadez - Mariners
Cliff Lee - Rangers
David Price - Rays
CC Sabathia - Yankees

American League ROY
Brennan Boesch - Tigers
Neftali Feliz - Rangers
Austin Jackson - Tigers
Carlos Santana - Indians

First the AL MVP

This is a lot tougher that the NL. If Hamilton didn't get injured I would say he had it in the bag, but he did get injured so tough luck, he's out. It would not be fair to consider him due to the fact he played a shorter season.

This is a two horse race. Cabrera and Cano.

Cabrera is having a monster year! Hes in the top three for AVG, HR and RBI's. There's only one thing that might hinder his chances, and it's something that should really have no impact on the voting but it will and that is because he plays for a crap team. Poor Miggy, stuck in a Tigers uniform when I'm sure he would rather be playing for the Rays or the Yankees.

Robinson Cano, the dark horse. Cano will probably end the season with over 200 hits and a respectable AVG. Some of his numbers aren't as good as some of the other candidates but when you throw in his fielding skills he just edges in front.

So who would I pick? My heart says Cabrera but my head says Cano.

Wait a second! Cano is a Yankee!

Miggy has my vote!

AL Cy Young?

Its David Price. OK so Sabathia has more wins and Hernadez has a better ERA and more strikeouts. But Hernandez has not had the support from the sucky Mariners this year, if he was on the Mariners team of the mid to late 90's then yes he would be the Cy Young.

Sabathia is leading the AL with wins and fair play he's a great player and a former Cy Young winner but just like my reason for not picking Cano, hes a Yankee and I don't want them to win anything! Be it the division, League, WS or any individual awards.

Price will be named the Cy Young and when they get to the post season (and they will) he is going to shine. It's a real shame that he's going to lose to the Giants in the World Series, I almost feel bad for him.


The rookie crop for both leagues this year has been incredible. Will all the rookies named in these lists be as good next year? Only time will tell.

In my opinion there is one clear pick for the AL ROY and that is the Tigers Austin Jackson.

176 hits, .299 average and 26 stolen bases. I like players who can hit and are fast. Austin ticks both boxes.

Much like Miggy its a shame that this kid is a Tiger, but its different for a rookie as opposed to a veteran. People take note of newcomers regardless of what team they play for and veterans tend to be over looked.

So what do you think of my picks?

Biased? Poorly researched? I don't pretend to be anything else.

Will you side with me or one of my fellow authors? Or will you go the way of the legendary Hackensack Bulls Pitcher and vote for...

Monty Brewster - None of the above.

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