September 12, 2010

CCR Topic 1: Super Bowl Predictions from 82Redbirds

My football team is the St. Louis Rams. Even with the addition of a #1 draft pick QB, it wouldn't be realistic to choose the Rams to win the Super Bowl this year (but stranger things have happened). So who do I think will win the Super Bowl?

I've heard a few people talk about the Cowboys as favorites to win it all this year. They do have some talent at wide out. I think Miles Austin could be the #1 wide receiver in the NFL, and Dez Bryant is definitely looking like a candidate for top rookie. Add in the fact that the championship game is in Dallas, and you've got a case for choosing the Cowboys.

But that's not who I'm picking.

I predict the Colts will take the Lombardi trophy home from Dallas. They had a run at an undefeated season last year. However, at the time I'm writing this, the Colts have already lost their week 1 game against the Texans. But I have a gut feeling that come next February, Manning will lead his team to a Super Bowl victory.

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