October 30, 2010

1. If the Rangers lose the World Series (God forbid), what should and will Cliff Lee do? What if they win?

Oh. My. Goodness. Cliff Lee will only stay with my Rangers if (and when) they win the World Series. I'm sure of that. If I were him, I would stay with Texas regardless because I the Rangers.

2. If both the Yankees and the Rangers offered the same amount of money, which one should Cliff Lee choose? What if the Rangers win the World Series? What if they lose?

I think that Cliff Lee does not do too well in the supreme heat of Texas (that would be one of the reasons he would leave), and New York is a "superior" market. If money were no object, and the Rangers lost to the Giants, he would and should choose New York.

3. If both the Yankees and the Royals offered contacts to Zack Greinke, and the Yankees deal was slightly less than the Royals, which one should/would he take?

Yankees, without any doubt.

4. If you were Royals management, do you try to trade Zack Greinke, or risk keeping him?

The same thing goes for Carmelo Anthony... don't take such a big risk with such a big talent. I would trade him now, because he's going to leave town anyway.

Oh, and now a modest side note in the smallest font possible... I have a new blog that I wanted to promote. It is called Larry King Jive, and on it, I interview sports show hosts, mascots, coaches, and players. Enjoy.

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