October 23, 2010

CCR #5: Best Part of October

Usually, the Dallas Mavericks excite me the most in October. But this year, they aren't even the best thing in the NBA in October. I can't wait to see the Heat! But not even THAT can get me to watch the NBA over baseball THIS SEASON.

Usually, the Rangers are out of it by July. I don't know WHAT happened this year, but somehow, we are now in the World Series. How can I skip that? I will be watching every single one of those 4 games against the Giants (yeah, I said it... bring it on).

October, to me, is the best month for sports fans. I hereby declare the Major League Baseball Playoffs the best part of this wonderful month. Only because my team is playing in it.


  1. Yeah, The first season without Hicks.
    Should be a great World Series, with either Giants or Phillies.

  2. I'm stoked that the Yankees were knocked out! Congratulations Rangers fans... C'mon Giants!

    BTW... F' the Heat! I actually hate them more than the Yankees... lol.

  3. C'mon Rangers, and I love the Heat.


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