October 8, 2010

CCR #4 MLB Post Season Predictions by Martyn @ Steal Second

So The Phillies just took a 1-0 lead over the Reds, Giants are 1 up over the Braves, And Texas & New York have 2 games over the Rays, & Twins.

Who wins?
Okay onto the league with home field advantage for the fall classic.

National league
Giants over Braves in 4.
Phillies over Reds in 3.

American League
Yankees over Twins in 4
Rangers over Rays in 4

So The Philles against Giants, (I have bets on both teams)
The Phillies in 5.

Yankees against Rangers
New York in 5

So the World Series will be NYY v PHI

A repeat of last years final however, The Phillies in 6.


  1. I don't like this prediction one bit. It's not because I love the NY Yankees either. Ok… it has everything to do with my NY Yankees love. Cool graphic, but the hats need to change places.

    P.S. Awesome Cano card!!!


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