October 26, 2010

CCR #6: NBA Season Predictions by sanjosefuji

Western Conference

1st – Lakers

2nd – Thunder

3rd – Mavericks

4th – Jazz

5th – Spurs

6th – Blazers

7th – Nuggets

8th – Suns

1st round

Lakers vs. Suns (Lakers in 6)

Thunder vs. Nuggets (Thunder in 4)

Mavericks vs. Blazers (Blazers in 7)

Jazz vs. Spurs (Spurs in 6)

2nd round

Lakers vs. Spurs (Lakers in 5)

Thunder vs. Blazers (Thunder in 6)

Conference Finals: Lakers vs. Thunder (Lakers in 7)

Eastern Conference

1st – Celtics

2nd – Heat

3rd – Magic

4th – Bulls

5th – Hawks

6th – Bucks

7th – Knicks

8th – Bobcats

1st round

Celtics vs. Bobcats (Celtics in 4)

Heat vs. Knicks (Heat in 4)

Magic vs. Bucks (Magic in 5)

Bulls vs. Hawks (Bulls in 6)

2nd round

Celtics vs. Bulls (Celtics in 6)

Heat vs. Magic (Magic in 7)

Conference Finals: Celtics vs. Magic (Celtics in 6)

NBA Champtionship: Lakers vs. Celtics (Celtics in 7)

Individual Awards:

Rookie of the Year: John Wall (Can I change my vote to Blake Griffin? This guy was a beast in his debut.)

MVP: Kevin Durant

Coach of the Year: Scott Brooks

Defensive POY: Dwight Howard

6th Man: Lamar Odom


  1. I'm not a huge basketball fan, but I remember when Larry Bird played for the Celtics. (Am I dating myself?) So I'm glad to see you're predicting the Celtics to win the championship.

  2. Hmmm... not sure about the Celtics.


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