October 8, 2010

CCR 4: MLB Postseason from The Ranter

Thanks to Fuji for letting me steal his font!

American League Divisional Series:
Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays - Rangers in 4
New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins - Yankees in 3 (I think it's fixed!)

National League Divisional Series:
Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies - Phillies in 4
Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants - Giants in 4

American League Championship Series:
Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees - Yankees in 7 (Cliff Lee will remain perfect in postseason play)

National League Championship Series:
Philadelphia Phillies vs. San Francisco Giants - Giants in 7

World Series:
New York Yankees vs. San Francisco Giants - Yankees in 6

(changed WS from 5 to 6 games)

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