October 17, 2010

CCR 5 - What's the best part of October? G Moses' post

So it's Sunday and that means it's time for another Card Collector's Roundtable discussion.  And for this topic, I've chosen something close to my heart - the month of October.  I was born in October - but aside from that, there's a lot of cool things going on this month.

Need help getting started?  Let me lay it out for you...

1)  We got the baseball playoffs going on.  And this year has been pretty phenomenal.  We got the best pitchers in the game all going at their peak.  Seriously.  We got Cliff Lee, Lincecum, Halladay and Sabathia all pitching their hearts out.  What the hell else could you ask for for the LCS series?  It's crazy how stacked these series have become.

2)  The NFL season is in full swing.  No more preseason.  No more combines or draft class predicitons.  It's just football.  And right about Week 5, it starts to get real.

3)  The soccer world is in full bloom.  England has the EPL going.  The MLS is nearing the playoffs.  Oh yeah, the UEFA cup is just warming up.  If you're a fan of beautiful moves and round balls (boy does that sound weird), it's right about the time of the year you live for.

4)  The NBA season tips off on October 26th.  My God, how I've longed to watch the Blazers play.  I can't wait for this season to get going.

5)  If you're into hockey - well, you got hockey too.

6)  The new TV shows are back!  Going through the summer time with re-runs just isn't the same.  I've got a ton of shows that I watch.  From Smallville to How I Met Your Mother, from Mike and Molly to Dexter there really is something for everyone on the TV now.  And thanks to DVR's, the studios are putting out more quality product because we're no longer tied to having to watch whatever the hell they give us.

7)  If all of that isn't enough - the kids go back to school.  Those of you who have kids know just how great that can be sometimes.

So what's my answer?  What's the best part of October for me?  If I had to choose just one thing - and I expect everybody to look inside and pick just the one thing - I'd say that it's the Soccer Season.  Even though I really love watching the NBA tip-off, the NBA really gets good once Christmas is out of the way.  But soccer for me is something that I'll wake up at 4am for if need be.  Watching Everton takes precedence over EVERYTHING on my television.  Every goal is so important.  Every save takes your breath away.  It's too much to handle sometimes.

So what about you all?  What's your favorite part of October?  It really is the perfect storm of sports.  All sports are represented.  Whatever you're into, it's there for the taking in October.

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