October 24, 2010

CCR #6: NBA Season

There is more anticipation for this season than any other I can remember. We have the Three Kings ganging up on the rest of the innocent East. We have the Celtics' resurgence, including adding two aging O'Neals. We have Kobe bolstering his team by adding yet another rival.

There are many characters playing major roles in this season. We have two crazy-as-hell owners in Cuban and Gilbert. We have a past superhero called Agent Zero who, in my opinion, should play zero minutes. We have the assassin, who can knock down any shot... even that last second one in Game 7 against the Heat in the Finals next year.

Now, bloggers. Make your NBA predictions in 4 parts:

1. Standings - Rank all 15 teams per conference by regular season record

2. Awards - MVP, Defensive, ROY, Coach, 6th Man

3. Playoffs - If you have a bracket, use it.

4. Thoughts - Any thoughts you have on the season and what will happen during the season (including trades and firings)

If the heat gets to you, jump into the lake(rs). - Some dude on some forum somewhere

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