November 1, 2010

CCR #7: Greinke/Lee by sanjosefuji

First up... congratulations San Francisco Giants fans! With that out of the way... let's get down to the subject at hand.

1. If the Rangers lose the World Series (God forbid), what should and will Cliff Lee do? What if they win?

The Rangers lost... so Cliff Lee should sign with the A's or the Padres. However... since my teams never fork out any money... then I'll settle with him signing with anyone other than the Yankees.

2. If both the Yankees and the Rangers offered the same amount of money, which one should Cliff Lee choose? What if the Rangers win the World Series? What if they lose?

If Cliff Lee is offered the same amount of money... he should sign with the Rangers. Under no circumstances should he sign with the Yankees.

3. If both the Yankees and the Royals offered contacts to Zack Greinke, and the Yankees deal was slightly less than the Royals, which one should/would he take?

Zack Greinke should sign with the Royals. Under no circumstances should he sign with the Yankees.

4. If you were Royals management, do you try to trade Zack Greinke, or risk keeping him?

If I'm Royals management and I care about my fans... I keep him and try to get him some teammates that will help them get to the World Series. However... If I'm Royals management and I decide to trade him... under no circumstances do I trade him to the Yankees.

Once again... congratulations Giants fans... this was one roller coaster of a season for you... glad to see you come out on top (and not the Yankees... lol).


  1. I honestly believe that Greinke will fail badly if he goes to the Yankees.He has a history of depression and as someone who suffers from it myself I honestly think the Yankees fans will be too much for him.On the other hand if the Royals did trade him to the Yankees they need to make sure they get a good return.Jesus Montero would be a good start and maybe get Joba aswell.

  2. That could be true, Hairylemon. They are a tough crowd, and that part of the reason I hate the Yankees. Is it possible that Kansas City can work out a Greinke for Jonathan Sanchez deal? I'd love to see him in San Fran.

  3. I think you would need to give up more than Sanchez,maybe a B+ type prospect aswell.

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