October 3, 2010

Card Collector's Roundtable - Topic 3: NHL

Last hockey season was so interesting that even I became interested. The Canadiens shocked everyone by not only getting to the Eastern Finals, but beating Sid the Kid AND Alex Ovi in the process.

During the off-season, the Blackhawks dismantled themselves! It's as if they were the Marlins! And how about them Sharks? Are they the one constant in hockey?

Do I have any idea what I'm saying? Not really. But you do, so answer the call and make your NHL predictions!

NOTE: This topic will not last a full week, due to the MLB Postseason. Please have your predictions in by Wednesday, if you wish to make them.


  1. I'll post mine up later today, already been working on them.

  2. I'll post my response either this afternoon (Monday) or tomorrow!


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