October 10, 2010

CCR4: Postseason predictions from Tony Mc

I'm a little late to the party but I'll chip in my predictions anyway.


San Francisco Giants Vs Atlanta Braves:

Giants win 3 games to 1. This depends heavily on the Giants hitting but with the likes of Posey, Burrell and Huff, I think the Giants can pull it off and send Cox into retirement.

Philadelphia Phillies Vs Cincinnati Reds:

Phillies win 3 games to 1. I can see the Reds making a comeback tonight but it wont do them much good.

Texas Rangers Vs Tampa Bay Rays:
Rays win 3 games to 2. This has gone the distance and it looked like the Rangers were on the verge of swapping the Rays but thanks to steady bat work the Rays have fought back. I think they will keep the momentum going and pip the Rangers in the final game.
Minnesota Twins Vs New York Yankees:
Yeah the Yanks won, we know this now. But to be honest I thought the Twins could have done it, guess they forgot how to play ball.
San Francisco Giants Vs Philadelphia Phillies:
San Francisco will win 4 games to 2. I can see the Phillies winning the first two games but Frisco will battle back to win 4 in a row and seal a trip to the World Series.
New York Yankees Vs Tampa Bays Rays:
Tampa will sweep the Yankees! As long as the Rays remain injury free for their game against Texas they will pull off a shock sweep against everyones most hated team.
World Series
San Francisco Giants Vs Tampa Bay Rays:
This would be a great match up and a tough series to call. Being a Giants fan I would love to say the Giants will do it but the Rays out bat them by a lot. If the Giants can keep their pitching on top form and keep the Rays from getting 3 or more runs then they have a real shot at bringing the first ever World Series to San Francisco.
I'm going to say the Giants win 4 games to 3.


  1. Rays sweep the Yankees? I don't know about that. I've got the Giants in the WS too.


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