October 4, 2010

CCR #3: NHL Predictions by sanjosefuji

Okay... it's time to come clean. I've been a San Jose Sharks fan since they became a franchise 18 years ago... and during that time I've gone to around 75 to 100 games. I've memorized most of the Sharks' jersey numbers. I can tell you that they've had one Calder Memorial Trophy winner (Evgeni Nabokov - 00/01 NHL ROY ), one Hart Memorial Trophy winner (Joe Thornton - 05/06 NHL MVP), one Art Ross Trophy winner (Joe Thornton again - 05/06 NHL point leader), one Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy winner (Tony Granato - 96/97... kind of like a sportmanship/dedication to hockey award), one Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy winner (Jonathan Cheechoo - 05/06 NHL top scorer), and one Presidents' Trophy (best record in the NHL in 08/09). I can even tell you that they'll be one of the top teams in the NHL again.

However, what I can't do is tell you that they'll win it all this year. Why not? Because... for the past four seasons, I've felt in my heart that they had a solid shot at bring home the Cup to my hometown of San Jose. And each time... I was wrong. Part of it is because I'm naive. I'm just a loyal fan with high hopes for his team. But... I'm also ignorant. I know the in's and out's of the Sharks... but I don't know squat about anyone else.

So... sit back and enjoy... while I ramble off my NHL picks for the upcoming season.

Let's start with the East:

1st Place: The Capitals (They had the best record last season by a landslide)
2nd Place: The Penguins (They have Crosby & Malkin)
3rd Place: The Sabres (They have Ryan Miller: my favorite non-Shark)
4th Place: The Canadiens (umm... they make card sets based on the franchise)
5th Place: The Bruins (My buddy loves the Bruins and he says they're good)
6th Place:The Lightning (They have St. Louis, Stamkos, and Lecavalier)
7th Place: The Rangers (because Gretzky and Messier played for them years ago)
8th Place: The Devils (No offense... but the red dude with horns is on their side)

Now let's turn to the West

1st Place: The Red Wings (because they always find a way to piss me off)
2nd Place: The Ducks (see what I wrote about the Red Wings)
3rd Place: The Sharks (They still have a great team... I just know it)
4th Place: The Canucks (looks like several sites have them ranked high)
5th Place: The Blackhawks (the Sharks get your sloppy seconds... but at least his name isn't Belfour)
6th Place: The Kings (see what I wrote about the Red Wings)
7th Place: The Oilers (because Gretzky and Messier played for them years ago)
8th Place: The Stars (see what I wrote about the Red Wings)

Alright... so here's how it's all going to pan out... in my little fantasy world:

The Sabres take the East... and the Sharks take the West. It's going to be a Miller vs. Niemi showdown and the Sharks will finally bring home the Cup.


Seriously... I have no idea... if I were a betting man... I wouldn't bet on hockey... or at least I wouldn't bet on the Sharks. Don't worry... my blood runs teal and black. I may be an NHL wannabe... but I know I'm a lifelong Sharks fan.

Have a great week!

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  1. I'm really diggin' the Sabres love Mark. Great Miller auto as well!!!!


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